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  • How to selected the wooden furniture?

    Generally, wooden furniture should be selected to be dry, and its stability is stronger. The sound of man-made panels being beaten is relatively low, and the wooden pieces of the box will emit a thumping drum sound.

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  • What are the characteristics of Nordic style solid wood dining table

    The smooth and bright lines of Nordic furniture are also worth watching. Nordic-style furniture makes people simple and stylish, making people particularly comfortable.

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  • Unsere Ausstellungsnachrichten

    Die H & F (TIANJIN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD befindet sich in der Freihandelszone des Hafens von Tianjin mit einer wunderschönen Landschaft und entwickelten Transportmitteln. Verlassen Sie sich auf die geografische Lage des Zentrums Peking-Tianjin-Hebei und die Vorteile der umliegenden Industrien

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  • Observe the quality of wood

    Observe the quality of wood. Open furniture cabinet doors and drawers to observe whether the wood is dry and white, and whether the texture is tight and delicate.

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  • Furniture Buying Guide

    Some families will match different coffee tables according to the decoration style, but the coffee table should not only consider the decoration style but also the practicality. The price is the same as that of the sofa.

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  • How to check the quality of furniture

    The quality of furniture mainly depends on the cutting and sawing of the board, the installation of edges and surfaces, and the smoothness of the frame of a good board cutting and sawing, and there will be no tilting of the office furniture in the later stage.

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  • The U-shaped conference rooms

    Many conference rooms are currently arranged in this way, that is, participants sit around a U-shaped table. It should be noted that if there are few people, the width of the table can be widened.

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  • Conference room layout

    The furniture in the conference room should be ventilated. It is not ruled out that some meetings may allow colleagues or customers to smoke, but space ventilation is still a point that needs attention

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  • What is the Nordic style table?

    The overall shape of Nordic style furniture advocates simplicity, and to a certain extent has the characteristics of modernism.

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  • What the difference of Nordic type with Japanese style?

    Take the Japanese style with a similar style to it. Although the Nordic style also pays attention to simplicity, it is obviously much bolder in the matching of materials and colors.

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